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  • Produced through advanced Biotechnology in Canada

  • NAG is the one of the most basic molecules in tissues of  the body.

  • Liquid form of NAG is easily absorbed.

  • Repair the tissues in a natural way.

  • Does not contain any steroids.

  • Can relieve pains due to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

  • No undesirable side-effects.

  • Fulfills all Government’s health requirements.

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Also suitable for labourers, athletes, and office workers

  • Drug registration in Hong Kong: HK-52337

Canadian Technologies
What is N-acetyl glucosamine?

Nutraceuticals and Medical Devices

    - Flex-Ease Æ - N-acetyl glucosamine

    - Dermosan - wound healing cream


    - Chito-Power Æ & Chito-Stick Æ . . .. ..(Certified Organic Fertilizer)

    - Poultry Feed Additives

    - Natural Colorant for Aquaculture

Waste-water management

  • Is one of the most basic tissue building molecules in the body.

  • Found in bone, cartilage, secretions, lubricating fluid in joints, immunoglo-bulins, blood, and wall of intestines.

Environmentally Friendly Fermentation Process 
  • Made From Pure Chitin

  • Advanced Biotechnology

  • Natural N-acetyl glucosamine

  • In Easily Absorbable Liquid Form

Long Term effect of Flex-Ease (NAG) will:
  • Reduce arthritic pain and inflammation of joints.

  • Regain body functions and movements.

  • Modulate immune system of the body.

  • Relieve pains as a result of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (e. g. Colitis, Ileitis and Crohn’s).

  • Relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Safety and Dosage:
  • Fulfills all sanitary and pharmaceutical requirements of  Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada.

  • Certified as Drug in Hong Kong (no. HK-52337).

  • Suitable for all ages.  Adult dosage: twice daily,     10 ml. each time.  Children half the adult dosage.

Comparison of FLEX-EASE® & Glucosamine Sulphate
Function of N-acetyl glucosamine:
  • Part of the body’s functions

  • NAG containing molecules provide lubrication to joints.

  • Repairs cartilage and bone structures.

  • Reduces damage to joints during exercise and movement.

Reasons for the lack of FLEX-EASE “NAG” in joints :-
  • Aging and Tissue damages

  • Reduced Body metabolism 

  • Increased wear and tear of joints

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