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Chito-Power is an organic fertilizer, which is specially developed for use on lawn turf, many varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains, and flowering plants to promote growth and resistance to common turf diseases. Chito-Power's effective ingredient is processed chitin, naturally derived from crab and shrimp shells. Chitin is composed of organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron and manganese, all of which are essential to plant growth. Chitin is totally biodegradable and its calcium content can neutralize acidic soil.

Chito-Power is an organic product, listed in the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) in the USA.

Chito-Stick is an alternatvie form of Chito-Power. It is a stick form fertilizer for easy application. Chito-Stick is also listed in the Organic Material sReview Institite (OMRI).
Barley Fields

TYPE A Chito-Power is designed to deal with harmful pests and insects, such as red fire ants, termite, fruit flies (maggot stage), and the Japanese beetles (grub stage), lice, red spider mites and aphids, etc.

All our organic fertilizers including TYPE A Chito-Power are environmental friendly and toxic-free products. TYPE A Chito-Power has two main components: Chitin and "CDE" componets:

  • The Chitin component will destroy the soil pests and insects through an enzymatic action.

  • The "CDE" component can kill insects and pests.


Both of these component have been scientifically proven to be excelent insecticides, and will not be harmful to plants, humans and animals.

Functions of Our Fertilizers 

Our organic fertilizers have dual functions:

  1. Provides sufficient nutrients to satisfy plant demand. Both of our fertilizers - Chito-Stick and Chito-Power release nutrients by a natural microbial action. This ensures a gradual and constant release of major nutriens, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Trace of metal ions also found in the fertilizers. These metal ions such as calcium, manganese, iron, sulphur and magnesium facilitates the metabolic functions of plants, and contribute to strong and healthy plants.

  2. Acts as a natural persticide. 

  • Eliminate nematodes in soil. The chitin ingredient stimulates soil bacteria to produce chitinases, a natural enzyme. These enzymes will digest the outer shell of the nematodes eggs and hence reduce the number of nematodes in the soil.

  • Eliminate some harmful fungi in soil. The chitin ingredient stimulates plants to produce chitinases, which can prevent fungal infection; especially from fungal species such as Fusarium, Colletrichum and Norcadia.

Benefits of Our Fertilizers 
  • All natural fertilizer.

  • Contains major plant nutrient with NPK=4-2-1.

  • A natural and slow releasing fertilizer requiring fewer application.

  • No heavy metals, nor toxics, nor chemical.

  • No pollution to ground water and rivers.

  • Diminishing dependency on pesticide.

  • Contains enzyme starters.

  • Increases root mass and foliage.

  • Enhances soil texture.

  • Improving winterization.

  • Will not burn plants even over applied.

  • Contains a high concentration of calcium, and therefore eliminates the need to add lime.

How to Apply Our Fertilizers

Chito-Power Our Fertilizers are not water soluble, so the plants can be watered immediately after each application. The frequency of watering will depend on the type of plant and rainfall.

It is an excellent organic fertilizer once the plant has established itself. After germination, it can be used in either or both of the following methods:


  • Top-dressing.

  • Spread Chito-Power around the plant and gently work into soil. Watering can start immediately after top dressing. Chito-Power is not water-soluble.


  • Soil conditioning for commercial crop and Home gardening. To condition the soil for transplantation or cultivation of commercial crop, mix one part Chito-Power with four parts soil (1:4 volume to volume).

  • For home gardening use one part Chito-Power with 9 parts of soil.


  • For a crop requiring 90 days to harvest, all chemical fertilizer requires frequent re-fertilization; especially during the rainy season. Since Chito-Power is not water soluble, one application can usually lasts throughout the 90 days to harvest. For perennials, four applications per year are usually sufficient.

Pesticide and Nematocide functions. Chito-Stick and Chito-Power can eliminate insect grubs and nematodes in the soil. It kills the pests by digesting their eggs through microbiological processes. This process is not harmful to humans and animals. The pesticidal and nematocidal functions are long lasting because our fertilizers are not water soluble. It will not pollute ground water or surface run-off. For flying pests, other biological insecticides such as BT (bacillus thuringensis) toxin, Abamectin, Spinosad or Mairime can be used. 

CT Picture1.jpg
CT straw.jpg

Organic Strawberries 

Chito-Power Used in Farm

CT Organic_rice_edited.jpg

Chito-Power applied on rice field

Applying Chito-Stick in Potted Plant
CT cs3.jpg

Worker inserts organic fertilizer stick into the soil.

CT cs4.jpg

Drilled Holes through Existing growth media layer and shotcrete with regular hand drill

CT cs5.jpg

Install organic fertilizer stick according to drilled holes pattern. 


Chito-Stick is an alternative form of Chito-Power. It is easy to use Chito-Stick. It usually takes two sticks per plant every two months. Simply insert the fertilizer stick into the soil completely and keeps the soil moist. 

CT cs1_edited.jpg
CT cs2_edited.jpg

Organic Fertilized Queen of Night

Various House Plant 

Various House Plant 

Applying Chito-Stick on Slope Greening Project
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